Has the crypto crash had any effect on GPU availability?

A sea of red in the cryptocurrency markets might not make for pleasant reading for some, but for gamers, it could be great news. There are early signs that graphics card prices are falling. It's a stretch to say that a couple of post holiday dips constitutes a trend, but any downward moves are something we'll

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Crypto Mining GPU Pricing Plummets as Demand Cools

Multiple signs in the industry indicate that interest in cryptomining-specific GPUs is waning as mining profitability plummets. Nvidia reported that its revenue from crypto mining plunged 77% in the last quarter of the year, and now we're seeing signs that AMD-based cryptomining GPUs are also beginning to lose value. For instance, the Sapphire GPRO Radeon's

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NVIDIA GeForce & AMD Radeon Supply With The Crypto Crash

The recent crypto crash may have prompted a slight fall to the existing NVIDIA GeForce & AMD Radeon graphics cards prices but don't be too optimistic. AMD Radeon & NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Card Prices See A Slight Dip As Crypto Falls Into Oblivion In the latest European market report shared by 3DCenter, it can be

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Tesla owners mining up to $800 US a month of crypto utilizing power from their idle vehicles

It was reported yesterday that a Tesla owner has discovered a way to mine for crypto utilizing his vehicle while it is powered on and idle, along with free software on his Apple Mac Mini M1. Digital currency miner hacks his 2018 Tesla Model 3 to mine crypto for higher profit, makes $800 US a

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Radeon RX 6500 XT is bad at cryptocurrency mining on purpose, AMD says

AMD will begin selling its latest budget GPU, the Radeon RX 6500 XT, on January 19th. Its retail price is $199. But the ongoing GPU shortage, caused in part by cryptocurrency miners and scalpers who are snapping up every card they can get, has made it mostly impossible to get any graphics card at its

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Users claim that Norton 360 antivirus installs a crypto miner on PCs

Over the past month or so, we have seen a rise of bloatware added to Microsoft Edge. If you thought that was bad, wait till you hear this. Norton 360 is installing a crypto miner on users computers, it's called Norton Crypto. Are you wondering how an antivirus vendor can resort to such shady measures.

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15 Best Graphics Card for Mining Ethereum and Bitcoin in 2022

Cryptocurrency mining is a process of verifying transactions on a cryptocurrency network. This requires the 15 Best Graphics Card for Mining Ethereum and Bitcoin in 2022. That verification is required since the network basically functions as a ledger in which transactions must be regularly verified. This mining or verification requires a lot of processing and

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Mining on the readily available Nvidia GTX 1650

Mining on GeForce GTX 1650: Best Settings, Overclocking, Hashrate (Table)/ What to mine (Whattomine)- In 2018, Nvidia released a new line of GeForce graphics cards that run on Turing GPUs. After the announcement of the top model, the “green” continued to work in this direction, going down to the budget segment of

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Crypto miners appear to be already using next-gen RTX 4090 Ti graphics cards

Information from a popular cryptocurrency mining pool appears to reveal next-generation graphics cards that have yet to be announced are already in use. The details comes from multiple farmers in the Ethereum mining pool Flexpool, which allegedly is using two RTX 4090 Ti and two Radeon 7000 graphics cards. We previously reported that Nvidia’s 4000 series GPUs

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Crypto Mining on a Gameboy!?

This year has seen a surge of popularity in the ever-lucrative cryptocurrency market . From major financial corporations such as Mastercard and PayPal now accepting select cryptocurrencies to a Pokémon Go-esque play-to-earn crypto game, digital currency will only continue to evolve to stranger heights. Those who own the best laptops for crypto

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