Although the exact launch/release date has seemingly fallen back into the realms of speculation, at some point in January, or now more likely, February, Nvidia will confirm its newly revised 3070 Ti (16GB) and 3080 (12GB) graphics cards. – Now, with them apparently featuring some nice performance boosts, as well as notably more VRAM than the original models, we daresay that more than a few of you are already eying these up with more than just a little casual curiosity. With this in mind though, we enter a problem that has plagued the 30XX series ever since it came out last year. Namely, demand from cryptocurrency miners.

While there still isn’t much news in regards to the expected performance of the 3070 Ti, however, following a report via Videocardz, sources are already citing that the newly revised 12GB 3080 will offer a cryptocurrency mining boost of around 20%!

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 (12GB)

Thanks to a combination of a faster memory bus, and the extra amount of VRAM, reports are claiming that the upcoming revised 3080 will offer a hash-rate in the region of 52 MH/s. With the original 10GB model only managing around 43 MH/s, the clear worry is that this new graphics card model will, even before its officially announced, will already be garnering the attention of industrial-scale cryptocurrency mining operations.

And that, sadly by proxy, means that despite the fact that these GPUs look more than a little exciting, it (again) means that supply levels for both of them are not likely to be very good!

In Other News, Both Nvidia and the Grass are Green!

Now, admittedly, it’s absolutely no surprise that the upcoming 3080 is better at mining than the original. Given that it’s basically getting a little tweak across the board, it would’ve been, quite frankly, bizarre if it wasn’t. My personal concern, however, more points towards what I presume will be a slightly more affordable option in the new 3070 Ti. – Put simply, with this now set to feature 16GB of VRAM, I’m genuinely interested in purchasing this card. As noted above though, whatever interest I may have is undoubtedly going to be swamped by cryptocurrency miners looking for something new, affordable, and potent.

Let’s just hope that unlike everything else from the Nvidia 30XX series so far, these new revisions will actually be available in decent enough quantities that we might at least get the chance to buy one!