Planning to unveil 2 new GPU architectures, Ada Lovelace and Hopper next year, industry sources believe it will be manufactured using TSMC’s N5 processing tech… So the rumour goes.. Ada Lovelace for consumer GPU’s and Hooper for its data centres.

As it stands, Nvidia currently uses Samsung’s 8LPP manufacturing process for its RTX 30 series. The Hooper’s design will include MCM advanced packaging for a significant AI processing boost. It is hypothesised with the help is inside sources that the Hooper GPUs will be up to 3 times faster than the Ampere A100’s.

Back to the consumer.. The RTX 40 series aimed at gamers may use traditional memory and FC-BGA packages. DigiTimes states that ASE technology was used to test and package such GPUs.

Whats still unclear is exactly when Nvidia will release its 40 series in 2022.. with the plan to renew its 30 series early next year, you may want to hold on..