With Bitcoin taking quite a sharp downward turn over the last 3 months, it was hoped that with a presumable lack of demand from the mining sector (as they wait to see what happens next), more graphics cards might’ve finally been set to land on retail shelves. With this sliver of potentially positive news, however, it does appear that there is a downside. – Following a report via Videocardz, it has been confirmed that Nvidia has increased the MSRP prices of their Founders Edition graphics cards by around 5-6%.

Nvidia Increases Founders Edition MSRP

Specifically referencing increases for Nvidia’s own Founders Edition models, which have been available to buy at their MSRP (albeit, in very limited numbers), the reason for the price increase is more than a little unclear. It might be something to do with the fact that with upcoming revisions, Nvidia is attempting to cover costs. Another theory is that the original price wasn’t quite reflective of the profit margins they hoped to see. – The more cynical person, however, might simply view this as a price increase based on the fact that all going well, the stock is set to improve quite significantly over the next couple of months which, by proxy, will likely see a surge in gaming consumers finally being able to get their upgrade. In other words, it might just be a little bit of opportunism on Nvidia’s part.


What Do We Think?

Graphics card stock looks to be getting better, and at least we can be mildly thankful for that. The bottom line though is that while a 5-6% increase in price doesn’t sound like a particularly hugely figure, it basically comes down to which end of the 30XX scale you’re looking at. – The price increase for the 3060 Ti, for example, will only be around £20, whereas, for the 3090, this is significantly closer to £100 higher.

Still, if stock is actually available, for as much as some people might quietly grumble under the breath, actually being able to get a long-overdue GPU upgrade will probably be enough to quell most of the discontent.