While Intel may be playing coy about the release dates of its upcoming Arc Alchemist graphics card line, it hasn’t stopped benchmarks from leaking. The company still hasn’t revealed many specifics of its upcoming discrete graphics cards lineup aside from some mobile teases during CES 2022, making these leaked benchmark results of particular interest.

The new benchmark results of Intel’s Arc Alchemist 32 Xe DG2-512 position the unreleased card up against Nvidia’s 3070 Ti. Initially leaked by Twitter user APISAK, the results were published on the SiSoftware Sandra database. While the Nvidia’s RTX 3070 Ti is a sturdy card, the results of the benchmark swing in the Arc Alchemist GPU’s favor. Early results look prime for Intel’s flagship line of graphics cards.

Intel takes Nvidia’s RTX 3070 Ti down a peg in this benchmark. Team blue’s 32 Xe DG2-512 Arc Alchemist GPU scores 9,017.52Mpix/s with its 2.1GHz clock and 4MB L2 cache. This result scores just above team green’s RTX 3070 Ti, which lost out at 8,369.51Mpix/s.

While leaked benchmarks are always handy to fuel speculation, there’s still no news of when Intel’s Arc Alchemist GPU line will see the light of day. Adding to the complexity of the Arc Alchemist launch is the question of whether supply chain and availability issues will take hold and hamper the release of the lineup. Intel has been pursuing an aggressive approach to supply chain resiliency, so it may have some plans in store to circumvent the availability issues experienced by AMD and Nvidia.