Delay after delay paired with viral announcements it seems to be the case for Intel.  Intel’s plans to launch its own gaming graphics processing units (GPUs) in early 2022 have been known for some time. The DG2 would acquire two or upto three separate tile chips with up to 32 possible versions.

IT Home reports that two gaming cards aimed squarely at the mainstream market are on their way to market. The fact that the DG2 might outperform an RTX 3070 Ti and will be employed in the top segment by 2023 is consistent with prior reports that the DG2 could surpass an RTX 3070.  Intel had previously expected to debut its new-generation discrete GPUs in January and had already provided samples to various brands, but the source states that the corporation is now targeting a March launch (technically still Q1).

Intel had previously claimed that the video cards would be available in January, and according to reports, the first examples have already been shipped to a number of different companies. According to the company, the delay will allow for extra driver development as well as to avoid direct competition with Nvidia’s anticipated new GPUs. Intel may disclose additional data during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022, which starts early next month.

Intel is expected to offer an entry-level discrete GPU with 128 EUs that will match the performance of Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2050 in notebooks. However, the claim is puzzling given the absence of reliable performance evaluations for the green company’s independent graphics processor. As with any leak, you should treat the information with caution. Intel, of course, does not comment on rumors or unofficial reports.