This year has seen a surge of popularity in the ever-lucrative cryptocurrency market . From major financial corporations such as Mastercard and PayPal now accepting select cryptocurrencies to a Pokémon Go-esque play-to-earn crypto game, digital currency will only continue to evolve to stranger heights. Those who own the best laptops for crypto mining are likely happily mining Bitcoin, leaving everyone else who are finding it virtually impossible to nab a system gnashing their teeth. Well, when the going gets tough, some enterprising miners figured out how to get the job done on a Nintendo game Boy.

Known for modding age-old devices, YouTuber stacksmashing successfully found a way to mine Bitcoin on a game Boy. I mean, who needs an Nvidia GeForce RTX GPU anyway? But don’t expect to just dig out your old game Boy and start earning some Bitcoin, though. The YouTuber had to add a few tweaks to successfully mine on a device that came out in 1989. That alone hints at how slow it can mine.

gameboy cryptominer

As explained, the modder had to find a way for the game Boy to connect to the internet — an essential part of connecting to the Bitcoin network. This was done by using a Raspberry Pi Pico and modified Nintendo game Link Cable, with the game Boy connected to the Raspberry Pi Pico through a logic shifter and the Pico attached to a computer.