Information from a popular cryptocurrency mining pool appears to reveal next-generation graphics cards that have yet to be announced are already in use.

The details comes from multiple farmers in the Ethereum mining pool Flexpool, which allegedly is using two RTX 4090 Ti and two Radeon 7000 graphics cards.

We previously reported that Nvidia’s 4000 series GPUs would be using the AD102 chip and bear the name Lovelace and, lo and behold, the Nvidia GPU in the farm’s name is “24gLovelaceAD102-Default.” On AMD’s side, we are shown the name “32gRDNA3MCM5nmStep-141121fclk-De.”

Both of these names provide us with a generous amount of information. We already knew about Nvidia’s Lovelace cards, but what we didn’t know was that the 4090 Ti may have 24GB of memory. This farmer even claims to have overclocked versions of these cards, which would point to factory-overclocked models as well.

As for Radeon 7000 series GPUs, the info indicates that these upcoming AMD graphics cards will feature a Multi-Chip Module (MCM) and 32GB of memory.

For gamers worried about the GPU shortage, if this is true, then these graphics cards are extremely dangerous as “just” two copies of each card is able to generate 35 ETH, or $135,837.61, daily, which equates to over $4 million annually.

But don’t get too excited. Like any rumor or leak, this needs to be taken with skepticism. The farmer could have changed the names of the cards being used to draw attention, and leaks like this are a dime a dozen.

Furthermore, the RTX 3090 Ti has yet to be announced or released, and is currently rumored for a launch date in late January. That makes the idea of someone using an RTX 4090 Ti even more unlikely, since it will probably not launch until 2023 or even later.