ASRock submitted a list of upcoming Radeon RX graphics cards to EEC, revealing what the company is currently working on. It would appear that ASRock will be adding custom Mini-ITX cards based on cut-down Navi 24 GPU soon, the Challenger ITX to be precise.

ASRock already did release an entry-level model codenamed “CLI/Challenger ITX”. It is based on RX 6500XT SKU, which is the full-fat Navi 24 model already available for sale. On the contrary, the RX 6400 was never meant to be released to the DIY market. Therefore, this RX 6400 card that has just been listed at EEC may have very limited availability through OEMs and the system integrates only to whom ASRock will supply these cards.


Unlike the RX 6500XT, the 6400 does not require external power connectors. The reference card is already a low-profile and single-slot design, which begs a question of whether Mini-ITX is even needed for such a low-power card. However, this is still the first time we learn about a potential custom RX 6400 card.