And we thought we’d seen the end of these increases! Ongoing supply chain issues, pandemic, Crypto’ers, Central banks asset purchases devaluing the money by adding to the real economy, general greed… Whatever and whomever we want to blame unfortunately doesn’t change the fact that cards are going up in price/ value…Especially if you’re in the market for an AMD.

A report claims that costs are about to increase by $20 to $40 depending on the series model. A 10% increase in GPU prices gets passed onto the card manufacturers, who pass it to the distributers, who pass it to the retailers who pass it to the consumer.. Like a sick game of Chinese whispers, next thing you know your GPU is +20%!

The report states that rising TSMC wafer costs are the reason for the price increase. AMD CPUs and GPUs are manufactured on the same 7nm node, yet only GPU pricing is affected. Is AMD reshuffling its 7nm allocation toward its CPU production? We don’t care, this is

Even with the poor hash rate per watt hour, the RX6000 can only hope that Ethereum’s Proof of Stake move in 2022 stops miners from buying cards.