A report from a Chinese leaker with good standing now claims that the Radeon RX 6500 XT is set to launch mid-January. The leaker further claims that the RX 6400 is also coming in Q1 of next year, roughly 2 month after the 6500 XT release.

Both cards are set to feature Navi 24, a processor that has not yet been used by AMD in any product. The entry-level GPU also includes 1024 stream processors and a 128 bit memory bus.

Unfortunately both cards are set to use 4GB GDDR6 memory which means the frame buffer will have limited capacity… The good news however is 4GB is not enough for mining, so availability and thus real market price shouldn’t be of concern! If you’re looking to alleviate the buffer issue, I’m afraid a more expensive card might be more viable. See our graphicCard.com RX6800 review.